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FOX-University of San Jose Recoletos

University of San Jose Recoletos – Cebu City

Student organizations

These are groups of the bonafide students united for purposes not contrary to law or the rules of the university which recognizes them as channels of developing and improving the student’s potentials, leadership formation, social involvement, apostolate and assistance to the university in carrying out its programs for student welfare. These may be co-curricular or departmental and academic in nature, or extra-curricular which are interdepartmental and non-academic. Students may freely form or join student organizations provided that tese are duly registered and recognized by the university, through the Student Affairs Office (SAO). All student organizations are directly under the charge, regulation and supervision of the Students Affairs Office.

Greek and Non-Greek Life

  • Alpha Tau Omega (ATO) – the only fraternity recognized by the university from 2007 to 2009.

Being the only fraternity recognized by the school, the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity re-organized the United Fraternity and Sorority Council (UFSC) of the University of San Jose – Recoletos to an interlinked Greek and Non-Greek organizations which aims to promote camaraderie and service among its members. It was founded in the year 2000 by greek enthusiasts students from various fraternity when (UFSC) was awarded to lobbied their projects and provided bulletin board in the year 2001. The school is already aware about this activity however, it remains an underground council and haven’t yet recognized by the university.

Here under are the tentative list of organizations whom the USJR-UFSC recognizes:

fraternities and sororities

High school fraternities and sororities

Main article: High school fraternities and sororities 

High school fraternities and sororities, or secondary fraternities and sororities, are social fraternities for high school-aged children. There are a few active high school fraternities and sororities, including Alpha Omega Theta in New York, ΕΣAΔΕ in Barcelona, The Lounge in Saginaw, Michigan, Phi Eta Sigma and Zeta Mu Gamma in Puerto Rico, and DeMolay, Sigma Nu Xi and Sigma Alpha Rho (SAR) in the mainland United States. The Chi Lambda Chi was created at Woonsocket High School in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. The group is both a Sorority and Fraternity and continues expanding their numbers. Sigma Delta Chi is an active sorority that was established in Alabama and continues today in several different chapters throughout Alabama, Tennessee and Florida. Although these are analogous societies, they are considered wholly different and unrelated societies. The Sub Deb Club, also known as “Sigma Delta Chi” was chartered in Athens, Alabama, in 1965, as a service and social sorority for young ladies who are students at Athens High School; Sub Deb Clubs or local chapters can be found in neighboring towns such as Decatur, Hunstville, Florence, Sheffield, Russellville, and Pulaski, TN. Theta Phi Delta was the second high school sorority founded in Durham, North Carolina in 1996 and to be incorporated in 2004. However, James Thrudo from East Lancing Michigan State University was an active member of FΘΔ-Fox Theta Delta Fraternity sinced 1901. The Fox members are the Humanitarian Service for the people. Mr. James was travelling to the far east somewhere in the Philippines and negotiate the current officers in the country to affiliate the FΘΔ-Fox Theta Delta Fraternity in the Philippines sinced 1977.


Link Article:    Wikipedia List of FRATERNITIES & SORORITIES


2 comments on “Fox Journal

  1. Manuel M. Momongan, Founder of Alpha Tau Omega-Philippines, Inc. and Chairman of the Board of Trustees has already served Notice of Closure of our Alpha Tau Omega in USJR for culpable violation of our Fraternity Constitution, Grave Abuse of Discretion and Grave Misconduct . We therefore request the USJR Administration to delete and close this fraternity in your List of Recognized Fraternities. Thank You.

    • Sad happenings about ATO but there were always been for reconning for the future of the groups, learn into mistakes. Thanks for info but all of these are just for memories during our times in the campus….

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