The History behind the FOX THETA DELTA  Fraternity & Sorority and the Friends Till Death Organization sinced 1977 in the Philippines:

It was the semestral break during summer of the school Year 1977 at Ong Yiu District Butuan City Philippines, the place where surrounded by too many different types of fraternities and other groups/organizations during the time and there was a tremendous fights all he time and war between Fraternity against Fraternity, Organizations against Organizations youngsters and adults are fighting for their loyalty of the group and gathered together everywhere in the place & bring along with their different organization names. The two Gentlemen are both very closed friends namely Domz Silvio and Jhun Balais  are firmly decided to form a new group an organization and making it’s clear decision to avoid any cause of fighting or create any conflict and arguments between the other groups or organizations around them and keep to protect as well as the Friendship of their neighbors as a whole in general. Both co-founding gentlemen are members of  Epsilonian & Upsilonian Fraternity, they formed a new group it was named the “FTD” since 1977, known as Friends Till Death Organization, it was originated from Ong Yiu District, Butuan City and established in the month of July 29, 1977 and was duly recognized by the City Government.

The 1st batch members of the organization was a Senior category those who are belongs in the College/University students and the rest are Alumnus (Graduates). The FTD is a very unique organization in the decade history due to some Senior members are also a members from different Fraternities and other Organizations in the city while the Junior category belongs to a High School  students. The main objectives of the organization where to establish a strong relationship to bond a Friendship as Brotherhood and Sisterhood with extends their helping hands to those who needs help and in needs of assistance to our fellow brothers and to our fellow sisters in the group. This was the beginning of friendship which bonded by the two gentlemen. Both members are called “Friends” either men and women, instead of Brod or Sis, but after the converted from FTD into Greek  they call them Brother for the men and Sister for the women and in addition to this, making a courting relationship for both brothers & sisters are strictly prohibited. Meanwhile, August 1979 Emmanuel Miraballes is the Founder Organizer for the FTD-Junior for the High School level and it was assisted and supported by Dante Ranada, Ramir Balais, Eduardo Janozo, Fernando Lamela and Mario Balolot.

In the year 1978, the National Council decided to stop temporarily recruiting the Junior category due to some members are neglecting their studies because of the group, and followed later it was another urgent announcement from the National Council that there will be a few revision of the FTD-CBL (Constitution and By-Laws) that the FTD known as Friends Till Death Organization transform into the Greek-Letter. (1.) F-stands for Fox (2.) T-stands for Theta (3.) D-stands for Delta now known as FOX THETA DELTA Fraternity and Sorority Philippines. All are aware that  the word “Fox” is not belong to the greek -letter but instead it means are symbolized to every FTDnians that the wild fox living in the forest nor in the desert is never been afraid off and never be surrender when it comes to any trials ahead no matter whatever happens. The same year Domz Silvio drafted & designed the official seal of the organization until the FTD converted into a greek-letter the seal automatically and changed but prior to the old meaning in the seal it  keep remains the keep secrecy and preserve at all times the fraternity’s rituals, pins, signs and symbols of the group as the documents. Early 1980’s FTD was recognized and accepted by  the public  and received many awards from the community and recognized by the Philippine Security Exchange Commission through the help of some Barangay Officials in the town headed by the Barangay Captain. Now in General, all the members are called FTDnians or the FOXians.

Meanwhile one of the founding members Domz Silvio, who drafted the 1st FTD-Fox Theta Delta Fraternity and Sorority Constitution and By-Laws (CBL). The new Constitution and By-laws of the group are emphasized the importance of brotherhood and sisterhood in the group. It was dubbed as highly sensitive issues that due to some new members of the group are also member from the other Fraternities and Organization in the city likewise as the same as the two founders. Henceforth, to avoid any rivalry and jealousy from the other members and fraternities, the group decided strongly to condemned not to accept any participants or anybody wants to join and undergo for initiation if he/she involved any activities from the other group, unless if he/she is free from any group then he/she will be entitled to proceed. In early 1980, brought tremendous growth to the organization its strength and population became a triple population in history. It’s spread like a wild fire across the nation that burning the desire in every FTDnians member to share their Love of Harmony and Unity with other college students. The Love of Harmony and Unity inside and outside in the Campus was totally admired by the other people, neighbors and even the members of  the other fraternity, some fratmen/sororities even intended to join the newly organized Fox Theta Delta Fraternity. The FTD admired by anybody and its open door to all students who have so much admiration and were aspiring to become members of the group. On the summer of that school year, thirty-five new members were admitted to the group in history the largest batch accepted. Later expansion outside OYD, Butuan extended as far in Cabadbaran Town and the second extended also in Bayugan Town and more chapters was established there in 1980. The FTD bonding locally is evident in everybody during meetings and activities especially gatherings in most social activities and undertakings that gave much attraction to college students  to aim to be a member of FTDnians. Fox Theta Delta Fraternity and Sorority Philippines today has pretty much imposed of its presence nationwide. There are established chapters in almost every college & universities around the country. Community & Socio-Civic services such as Tree planting and Environmental awareness, food for underprivileged children, natural calamity assistance and humanitarian services. Our Collegiate and Alumni members range from Architectural, Engineering, Educations, Management and Business Professional, thus means symbolize the meaning of true brotherhood and sisterhood.

Mid year 1980 month of July, The Deputy Founder was created officially announced and appointed by the national council and headed by Domz Silvio and Jhun Balais intended for the Juniors who take incharged to manage the group but later on, the Juniors had a great potential and promoted to become a Senior category. The Deputy Founders composed of Six Gentlemen namely: Emmanuel Miraballes, Dante Ranada, Ramir Balais, Eduardo Janozo, Fernando Lamela and Mario Balolot. Followed the year 1983, The Six Deputy Founders are ready to take over and continued to managed this organization until the end and it was a mandatory ordered from the office of the co-founders to help them and give a full support to spread in the name of FTDnians forever. The names of the FTD Deputy Founders mentioned above are the official listed in the history of  FTD -Fox Theta Delta Fraternity Alpha Chapter (OYD) and there’s no other name  had to be mentioned only at the above name caption

In 2nd Semester year 1979 a Gentlemen from Michigan, U.S.A. arrived in the Philippines for a Missionary assignment in Visayas and Mindanao accidentally he passed by at Cabadbaran Town going to Bayugan Town and which is the FTD is spreading on the right track. Mr. James Thrudo  is an active member of Fox Theta Delta  Fraternity USA founded since 1901 in East Lancing Michigan State University, according to him  the said fraternity is no longer registered in the Main Campus due to violation against the Anti-Hazing Law regulations in the United States and he wanted to spread the FOX in the Philippines by affiliated the FTD PHILS. James Thrudo realized that FOX is existed in the island of the Philippines but later on he found out the two fraternities same name but both  different history. Right away he called the attention of the Main Head Quarters Office of FTD-Philippines at Ong Yiu District, Butuan City for having a formal discussion and dialogue between the two conflicts of both the two  fraternities. James was invited by the Deputy Founders as a guest speaker during the FTD  Conventional Meeting and it was held in Butuan City last November 1979 under the leadership of Emmanuel Miraballes, and  unfortunately both founders Domz and Jhun is out of the country during that time. After a long discussion, James Thrudo successfully convinced the FTD Deputy Founders and the members to re-unite both FTD-USA and FTD-PHILS. The formal affiliation was realised of both fraternities and it was granted  by signed and sealed both  parties witnessed by the FTD officers and the members of FTD Alpha Chapter (OYD) and the presence of our brothers from Cabadbaran and Bayugan Chapter Butuan City, Philippines.

College and Universities Chapters:

Father Saturnino Urios University,  (SJIT) Saint Joseph Institute of Technology, (BCC) Butuan City Colleges, (MSU) Mindanao State University, (NMSIT) Northern Mindanao State Institute of Technology, (AC) Agusan Colleges, (STI) Southern Technical Institute, Holy Child Colleges of Butuan, (MNTI) MN Technical Institute, (AIT) Agusan Institute of Technology, Normisist Ampayon, Cabadbaran City, Bayugan City, Cebu City, Ormoc City, Xavier University, Cagayan de Oro City, Davao City, Surigao City, Northern & Southern Leyte, Gingoog City, Iligan City, Tagum City, Bayugan City, Balingasag and others but not mention.

©1978-1984 Alpha (OYD) Chapter FTD history edition
Last Updated on July 10, 1984


On the backyard of the main campus of Ong Yiu Elementary School, Butuan City was the place where the Fox Theta Delta Fraternity  initiation was initiated. During night time that falls every week end the schedules of such initiation rights.

©1977-1990 Alpha (OYD) Chapter FTD history edition


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