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Parebay commonly used the name some of my Brod and Sis in the Fraternity called Fox Theta Delta Fraternity and Sorority in the Philippines. I survived and passed my initiation rights in the year 1978 belong to the Junior category which under the management of Brod. Emmanuel Miraballes and we are guided by our great two Founders Brod. Domz and Brod Jhun. Currently im working here in Manila for a long years had passed i no longer back to my hometown in Butuan City which the place i joined the Friends Till Death Organization now turned to Fox Theta Delta Fraternity. I really missed Butuan City especially my FTD-batch namely: Mawe Miraballes, Etnad Ranada, Bobong Balolot, Ramir Balais, Jerry Languing, Jonies Sumampong, Domie Silvio, Abet Rivero, Eddie Janoso, Dodong Boo, Dodong Tilin, Junior Balais, Bebot Yator, Camilo Oculam, Josie Yator, Loloy Buscano, Jinggoy of Lichonan, Edna Romero, Mercy Fernando, Josebel Juntilla, Jessie Ecleo, Annie Rizalina, Nicol of PAL, Bebot Loquite, Bobong Labampa, Ador Tura, Robert Gealan, Luis Dugallo etc.


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